5 Best suggestions for small office decoration

5 Best suggestions for small office decoration

Office decoration and home decoration are very different from each other. Users’ needs and environment dynamics may therefore vary. You can increase your comfort zone with a few small tips that you can evaluate in your office environment.

Colored boxes

When decorating office spaces, one of the main elements is to create a working area. Produce solutions to tidy up cluttered areas. You can make the working environment more comfortable by using shelves and boxes. You will work more peacefully when you put your books, files and documents in sweet boxes that you can easily access.

Live plants

Plants can be used to add vitality to the office. While creating a natural environment in appearance, the minutes of taking care of your plant can be an opportunity to get away from the stress of the day.

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Lighting option

Living area lighting and office lighting are different from each other. Yellow light, which creates a calmer and calmer atmosphere in living areas, is preferred. In work areas, white light is used that will not interrupt motivation and facilitate focus. Yellow light calms the person compared to white light and causes problems in focusing.

Miracle mirrors

We all know that mirrors add depth to the environment they are in. It can be called a miracle solution for small offices. The feeling of working in a larger office than it is can make you feel more comfortable.


We should make enough use of the natural light source during the day. The larger the window openings, the easier it is for natural light to enter. Making use of artificial light as little as possible is also important for our eye health. While organizing your work environment, you can adjust the position of your desk, chair and computer according to the angle of incidence of the light.

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