7 Tips To Increase Ezoic EPMV Fast

7 Tips To Increase Ezoic EPMV Fast

You people must be running many websites and at the same time you people will also want to get Google Adsense approval. But for some reason, if you do not get the approval of Google Adsense, then you people must have started using its alternatives.

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In the list of alternatives to Google Adsense, according to me, the best alternative is on Ezoic, whenever you create an account on Ezoic, your running will start because it is easy for you to create an account on Ezoic

You will get the approval of Ezoic and your online learning will start, as well as you can take the approval of Google Adsense even after this and connect these two together with the Ezoic mediation tool, which will increase your no more.


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My Ezoic EPMV Reports and Experiments

7 Tips To Increase Ezoic EPMV Fast

7 Tips To Increase Ezoic EPMV Fast

7 Ways to Increase Ezoic EPMV For Website

  1. Ezoic placeholder
  2. Ezoic Hompage Ads setup
  3. Ezoic Placeholder Placement 
  4. Ezoic Analytics 
  5. Boost Epmv by Ezoic Content strategies
  6. Language to boost ezoic epmv
  7. Ezoic Caching 

If your account is approved on Ezoic and you have started running on Ezoic then you must know about EPMV.

You must know about EPMV that the more you have in the ATM, the more you are going to run, as well as you should know these ways to increase EPMV

Here are 7 ways to increase EPMV, so that you can not do much anymore by making your blog smaller, as well as increasing your EPMV and running more than Google Adsense

1. Tip To Increase Ezoic EPMV In Hindi

Ezoic placeholder

First of all, to increase EPMV, put whatever placeholders have been given on Ezoic on your website.
If you don’t know how to create play folders on Ezoic then you can watch this video in which you will be told about how to enter placeholders which will boost your EPMV.

2. Tip To Increase Ezoic EPMV In Hindi

Ezoic Hompage Ads setup

To increase the EPMV of your website, you have to put Ezoic’s aids on your homepage and very carefully put the Ezoic placeholder in your homepage section so that Ezioc can show its ads there and the visitor can come to the home page and click on the aids. be able to see

3. Tip To Increase Ezoic EPMV In Hindi

Ezoic Placeholder Placement 

You have to keep watching where the traffic is coming from your website or blog in Ezoic Analytics. From which location your traffic is coming or from which country, you will also get to see the EPMV of each country on Ezoic and in the same way you customize your website according to that country and increase your EPMV

4. Tip To Increase Ezoic EPMV In Hindi

Boost Epmv by Ezoic Content strategies

If it comes to uploading the content on the website, then you must note that to increase Ezoic EPMV, you have to write the content on which the Ads are ready to spend more money, as well as you must Note that you have to write such content in which Ezoic can place more CPC or higher price so that your EPMV can be further boosted.

6. Tip To Increase Ezoic EPMV In Hindi

Language to boost ezoic epmv

If you have used Google Adsense on any other website then you must have found that if you have website of English content then you get more CPC whereas on the other hand if you have website or blog of Hindi content then you will get less CP EPMV Ezoic is a very good alternative to Google Adsense, where if you write content in English, you will also get more EPMV and your running will be more as well as if you have Hindi content then you will not be waist And your EPMV will also be less so you must pay attention to the language of the content.

7. Tip To Increase Ezoic EPMV In Hindi

Use Ezoic Caching tool to increase caching

If you have created a placeholder on Ezoic, then you must have found that the name of every Ezoic placeholder is clearly mentioned there that you have to place this Ezoic placeholder at this place, then you must keep in mind that the Ezoic placeholder has to be placed in your While placing on the website, place the correct placeholder at the same place where you have not been asked to do Ezoic, this is also a very good way to increase the EPMV of Ezoic, which will give a lot of boost to your running.

If you have seen the dashboard of Ezoic then you must have found that a very good option of Ezoic caisson has been given by Ezoic but if you do not use Ezoic can have many difficulties in increasing EPMV that’s why you should get Singh of Ezoic Must use tool to increase your EPMV

By using Ezioc Cache In Tool, you help Ezoic to increase the EPMV  of that location by using its Leo. It must be kept in mind that the Ezoic cache tool is turned on so that your website can be opened in front of its visitors as soon as possible and maximum Ezoic’s add is shown there to that visitors.

To increase Ezoic’s EPMV also, you have to keep in mind that whenever you write content on the website, you must use all those keywords which can increase your EPMV if you are facing trouble in using such keywords. So you can use keyword planner tool which is available in the market, many keyword planner is free in all those keyword planner and many trees you do not need to use keyword planner with tree, you can use free keyword planner. can work because

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