Best Tips To Select Best Liquid Foundations


Best Tips To Select Best Liquid Foundations

How To Select Best Liquid Foundations

What is the Liquid Base for?

The liquid foundation serves to correct imperfections and even out the skin , preparing it to be finished with the compact powder. In addition, it can provide hydration, repair, shine control and sun protection . On the market, you can find face foundations with matte, semi-matte and glow effect.

In summer it is recommended to opt for lighter liquid foundations with a glow effect, in oil free versions. Those with oily skin can opt for this version at any time of year. If you are one of those who do not give up the matte effect, rest assured, there are many liquid foundation options that also deliver this finish to your skin!

How to choose the best liquid base

Choosing the best base is not an easy task, given the amount of options available on the market. For this choice, you must consider criteria such as skin type and color, type of coverage and finish . See now how to choose a good liquid foundation!

To Cover Stains Prefer a Base with High Coverage

A more natural skin finish is one of the benefits delivered by most liquid foundations. But there are also more intense versions. The idea here is that you choose the type of coverage according to the finish you want, based on the imperfections you want to disguise.

The base medium coverage with light or leave the skin with natural appearance . These versions are suitable for light makeup, which doesn’t need to cover many imperfections. However, if you want to cover blemishes , freckles, visible pores and acnes it is recommended that you opt for a high coverage foundation.

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See if the Finish is Matte, Semi-Matte or Glow

When choosing a liquid foundation, it is important to also pay attention to the finish provided. The version that delivers glow effect leaves the skin looking healthy, natural and with more vigor . However, it is noteworthy that this type of base does not have such high coverage. 

Bases with a semi-matte effect are the ones that offer greater coverage and a smooth finish. Foundations with matte effect also have good coverage and leave the skin matte , reducing excessive shine. However, those who have lines of expressions need to be careful with this version, as it is drier it can end up highlighting these lines.

Check if the Product is Recommended for Your Skin Type

There are different types of skins (dry, mixed, oily and sensitive). It is important to consider the characteristics of your skin before choosing the best foundation for your face . After all, you can improve your appearance, or end up worsening a clinical condition, for example. Follow our tips below! 

Dry Skin: Prefer Bases with Moisturizing Action

Makeup that has not been developed specifically for dry skin tends to crack in this type of skin, causing discomfort and, in some cases, a tight feeling. Therefore, dry skins ask for moisturizing foundations for the face, such as those that have hyaluronic acid and vitamin E in their composition .

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Oily Skins: Ask for Light and Oil-Free Foundations

Oily skin produces excess sebum all over the face, which can also lead to acne. In this case, oil-free foundations with a more watery texture are more recommended , as they are better absorbed by the skin. Beware of moisturizing versions, they can be too heavy for oily skin and tend to melt during the day.

The ideal is to use a moisturizer for oily skin, before applying the foundation . That way, your skin will be hydrated, but without the heavy look that moisturizing foundations can cause on the face. Those with mixed skin can also follow the same care, however, use the correct products for your skin type before applying the foundation.

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Sensitive Skins: Prefer a Specific Base to Avoid Irritations

Those with sensitive skin know how difficult it is to adapt to any type of foundation for the face, so use foundations specially formulated for this type of skin . Bases with natural or even vegan ingredients are the most recommended, as they have fewer allergenic ingredients.

If you have dry, sensitive skin look for a foundation that doesn’t irritate your skin , but is moisturizing as well. If you have sensitive and oily/mixed skin, opt for a foundation for sensitive skin that does not have a heavy texture.

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Check if the Base Tone Matches the Color and Undertone of your Skin

It is important that the applied foundation matches its color, otherwise it will give an unnatural impression . Many people are in the habit of testing the base of the back of their hands, but this is incorrect. It is best to apply foundation to the face or neck. However, doing this is not always enough, as you need to identify your skin undertone.

Undertone is responsible for the nuance of our skin, which can be yellowish, pinkish or neutral . In general, warm skins are more yellowish or olive, cold ones have a pinkish or slightly reddish background, while the neutral tone is the middle ground between cold and hot and adapts to different colors.

If you have a warm undertone, look for all the yellowish foundations within the line’s color chart and opt for a lighter or darker yellowish foundation depending on your skin tone. The same goes for those who have the cold undertone. Those with neutral skin can opt for a foundation for the face that is also neutral .

Check the Extra Benefits that the Base May Present

Face foundations, in addition to just covering imperfections, making up and preparing the skin for the compact powder, can also have extra benefits. They can be directly linked to the expected result, or to your consumption habits . Find out more below!
  • Moisturizing Action: promotes hydration to the skin, while covering imperfections.
  • Repairing Action: the base has ingredients that work to repair small imperfections.
  • Oil Control: have oil free texture and effective ingredients in oil reduction and skin shine control.
  • Cruelty Free: means that the product has not been tested on animals, or that its ingredients, even if they are of animal origin, have been extracted without causing any harm.
  • UV or UVB protection: some foundations also offer the Sun Protection Factor (SPF), which varies between 15 and 50.
  • Vegan: the vegan base does not have any ingredients of animal origin in its composition.

By choosing a face foundation with some extra benefit for your skin , such as the addition of SPF or restorative action, you will be protecting it from external actions . Vegan or cruelty free bases, on the other hand, will be the ideal choices for those seeking a more conscious consumption.


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