Ezoic Site Speed Certification Test Answers – Ezoic Test Question Answers

Ezoic Site Speed Certification Test Answers – Ezoic Test Question Answers

Ezoic Monetization Test Question With Answer

I hope you all know and heard about the ezoic if not I will tell you something about it. Ezoic is like a Google Adsense and if you are a blogger you definitely know about Google Adsense and ezoic is similar to that.

So here I will do an ezoic review and tell about the ezoic sitespeed requirement and conditions

Ezoic similar to Google Adsense it also serves ads on your website like Google Adsense.

Ezoic requirement is that you have to approve the website with ezoic monetization for which you have to give the test of ezoic monetization and pass with at least 75% marks.

Here I will help you to know about the ezoic Site speed test question and answer in this blog post. So If You are facing the question-answer ezoic text problem here is the solution of your problem and all the Ezoic site speed test answer and 100% correct

Ezoic Monetization Test Questions And Answer:- Click Here

Ezoic Site Speed Test Question 1:- If Max caching age is not set at your origin server ezoic defaults to

  1. 24 hours🟢
  2. 6 hours
  3. 12 hours
  4. 1 hour

Ezoic Speed Test Question 2:- All ads no matter where the come from impact’s your site speed

  1. True🟢
  2. False

Ezoic Test Questions 3:- Which of the following has the ability to slow down your web site google Analytics script

  1. display ads
  2. social media widgets
  3. images
  4. All of the above🟢

Ezoic Test Question 4:- Ezoic’s caching app does not impact site 

  1. True
  2. False🟢
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Ezoic Test Question 5:- Caching: when content is stored and easily accessible so it doesn’t have to make a call to the ________

  1. host
  2. Edge server
  3. Origin server🟢
  4. Visitor’s server

Ezoic Test Question 6:- Select all that apply

which of the following is a speed feature ezoic offers for serving images

  1. Skipping
  2. Lazy-loading🟢
  3. NextGen formats🟢
  4. Resizing🟢

Ezoic Test  Answers 7:- Select all that apply

To fix site speed issue with ezoic you should…

  1. Preview your site with site speed accelerators active version🟢
  2. Turn ezoic off
  3. Check your plugins for conflicts🟢
  4. Disable plugins like speed, catching, lazy-loading etc🟢


Ezoic questions Answers 8:- If changes to your site are not showing up what is the first best practice to troubleshooting

  1. Contact your host
  2. Contact your Registrar
  3. Create a support ticket at ezoic
  4. Clear ezoic’s caching app and your browser cache🟢

Question Answer Ezoic 9:- Creating a site Speed version automatically activate that version

  1. True
  2. False🟢

 Test Questions Ezoic 10:- You should preview your site before activating a version of site speed accelerator

  1. True🟢
  2. False

Ezoic Test Question 11:- Select all that apply

How can you improve website speed with ezoic using the free CDN and site speed accelerator features?

  1. Turn on the free site speed accelerator features🟢
  2. Turn on Ezoic caching🟢
  3. Disable conflicting plugins🟢
  4. Integrate with Ezoic via nameservers (or Cloudflare)

Ezoic Test Question 12:- What does Ezoic do if you have a Mac Caching age set up at your origin server?

  1. Respects it🟢
  2. Overrides it
  3. Contact your host
  4. None of the above

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