How To Do Face Yoga and 4 Major Benifits Of Face Yoga

How To Do Face Yoga and 4 Major Benifits Of Face Yoga

It is very important to apply the right technique for all muscle areas on our face. The first thing to do before starting face yoga is that the face is very well moisturized. Movements applied on poorly moisturized skin may cause redness and facial irritation. So make sure your skin is well hydrated.

Lip Wrinkle Removal Movement

One of the traces created by smoking, structural or time on our face is the upper lip lines. It is a known fact how painful it is in the aesthetic operations applied for these lines. You can produce a painless and natural solution with face yoga. Curl your lips inward, press them together and smile. You will feel the muscles in the corners of the lips stretching. Breathe in through the nose and stay in this position for 2 minutes. Exhale calmly and take a deep breath and repeat this movement 3 times.

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Neck and Tickle Recovery Movement

Lift your head up and look at the ceiling. When you feel your neck muscles tense, move your lower jaw forward and back and forth. Repeat this movement for 3 minutes, then exhale and repeat 3 times. You will feel the most effective and visible results in face yoga in this area.

Brow Lift Movement

With this movement, it can be observed that the distance between the eyebrows and the eyes becomes clearer after a while. You can start applying small upward massage movements by placing two fingers near the eyebrows, that is, on the temples, on our thoroughly moistened face. You can do this movement for about 6-7 minutes. The trick in this exercise of face yoga is not to wrinkle the forehead. During this repeated movement, it helps the muscles to frown and leave the eyebrows without wrinkling the forehead.

Cheek Slimming Movement

If you have a structurally chubby face, you will not feel it on your face even if you lose as much weight as you want. With this technique you will apply for your face, it may be easier to achieve the desired result. To exercise and tighten the facial muscles, fill your mouth with air and inflate your face, stay like this for 5 seconds, then exhale at once. Repeat this move 5 times. In the second phase of the exercise, fill one side of your cheek with air and move it from side to side in your mouth. Repeat this movement for 5 minutes.

Forehead Lines Removal Movement

Wrinkles in the forehead area are the most noticeable places. We use our eyebrows and forehead while creating many facial expressions such as surprise, fear, anger and joy. It is possible to make our deformed facial muscles healthy again with facial yoga. For this, we should apply 3 fingers to the upper part of our eyebrows and apply an upward pushing motion. Our fingers will slide upwards on our moistened skin, stimulating and strengthening the muscles. The trick is that our eyebrows are in a V shape while doing this movement. You can repeat for 6-7 minutes.

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