Review : Best Indoors Kitchen table


Review : Best Indoors Kitchen table

A kitchen table is considered to be a key element in the interior of a kitchen. It is usually installed in the kitchen or in a separate room – the dining room. It is important that the furniture comes in the style of the room organically and conveniently combines it with beauty. There is an amazing selection of kitchen table designs. They all differ in shape, size, color and material.

Structure types of indoor kitchen table

A folding table is better to put if you have a small kitchen. Its main advantage is compactness and mobility. If necessary, it can always be expanded and create more places for guests.

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The size of the kitchen dining table must be chosen taking into account how many people at a time. In this case, don’t forget the size of the kitchen. For example, a large heavy table will not fit in a modest space in a room.

The table must be at least 75 cm wide and at least 90 cm round. The optimal size of a small kitchen table is 60-80 cm and a large table – 120 cm and more.



If the kitchen area is large, choose a round table. Round tables are usually located in the center of the room, allowing you to install it on more people than a square analog.

The table support can be of two types – one head or several legs arranged in a suitable way. There are no corners at the round table, so it is safe for children.

Rectangular (square)

A rectangular table is the most traditional option. These tables are convenient to install near a wall, so they require little space. These tables have sliding designs that allow them to be used in a small kitchen.

If you want to make a table with your own hands, the rectangular version is the simplest implementation.

Other forms

Of course, triangular or polygonal covers are very interesting and look original. However, if many people are needed behind it, problems can arise. Therefore, you need to consider carefully, because the comfort and practicality of the table is paramount.

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Choice of materials for indoor kitchen table

Wood is the most common ingredient in tables. The wooden table can be made of oak, maple, pine, etc. Not only does the wood give the interior a special coziness and elegant look, but it also lasts for years.

The wooden table is perfect for a classic style, country or Provencal. A tight rectangular table is suitable for Hi-Tech style. Tables made of wood are generally quite expensive and carry a lot of weight.

A cheaper option may be a veneer table based on composite materials and wood. This table looks like real wood because it covers the wooden floors outside.

Despite the general reliability of the wooden structure, it requires special care. The wood does not tolerate temperature changes, high humidity, and there is a risk of fire.

Also, with metal tables, everything is not that simple. The most popular option is a table made of stainless steel. This material is water-resistant and fire-resistant. Such tables are quite common in restaurants and cafes.

A good choice is tin, which with a special treatment resembles silver. Tin is considered particularly beautiful and elegant. The copper table fits perfectly in the style of a farmhouse. This material can be black or cast in different shades, giving such a table a unique look.

Disadvantages of the metal are due to the possibility of scratches and shocks during its use. However, this material does not require special care.

The glass table is well suited for a modern kitchen style. The transparent table is fresh and modern. The glass is made in a special way, as a result of which the finished material does not have to fear damage. Don’t be afraid of the fragility of the structure. The glass structure is best viewed in a bright kitchen interior.

Plastic every day is popular. The clear advantage of a plastic table is its low cost, ease to use, ease to use, and choice of almost any color. The service life of plastic is quite long because with modern technologies it is possible to resist the effects of heat and water. There is also no terrible ultraviolet radiation on the plastic.

Location and functions of indoor kitchen table

The dining table is used for the eating process. This furniture has excellent design and color combinations. When buying, pay special attention to these things, as this depends on the interior design of the entire kitchen. Most often located in the middle of the dining room or kitchen.

Table cut. The purpose of this furniture is to prepare food. Therefore, it is important to choose a high-quality and reliable option. The bright color side tables, which are suitable for modern design styles, are practical shelves. And the classic style perfectly integrates tables of wood or stone, the doors of which have a sliding structure. Usually, these tables are mounted on the walls.

Wall-mounted – transformer table, small in size and located near the wall (or installed instead of a sill). In the interior, this furniture is a kind of universal surface, behind which, for example, you can sit and read newspapers comfortably. Wall tables are best suited for contemporary design: high technology, postmodernism, techno, and pop art.


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