Simple Tips To Buy Arno Blenders in 2021 (Red, White and More)


Simple Tips To Buy Arno Blenders in 2021 (Red, White and More)

Among the various household appliances that optimize the routine of the home, one of the ones that most contributes to the eating routine is, without a doubt, the blender. With the help of the equipment, it is possible to prepare a multitude of recipes, ranging from a refreshing juice to a soup or pie and cake dough.

The Arno brand is a reference in the market when it comes to blenders. After all, it offers differentiated models that meet the most demanding consumers. To help you in your choice, we made a guide and a ranking with the 7 best Arno blenders , such as Power Max 1400 W and Blendforce. At the end, see a recipe!

How to Choose the Best Arno Blender

Arno manufactures blenders to meet a variety of needs. Therefore, at the time of purchase, questions may arise as to which is the best Arno blender. Points such as power, number of blades, speed and voltage are important . Understand.

For Higher Power, Opt for Arno Blend

The amount of Watts (W) of an electrical equipment determines its power . So the higher this number, the more strength it will have. In blenders, this is an important feature, especially for those who usually prepare cake dough or frozen foods.

Arno’s blender models have powers such as 550, 700 or 1400 W , meeting different needs. The 550 W blenders are enough to perfectly blend most foods, such as soups, juices or some lighter types of pasta.

However, those who usually use the equipment to beat ice cubes, frozen fruits or other products with a very firm consistency, it is essential to opt for the 700 or 1400 W models . Even though they consume more energy, their use does not bring significant increases in the electricity bill.

Analyze Blender Speed ​​Quantity for Greater Versatility

The amount of speeds in a blender is not a mere detail. It is from this function that specific results can be obtained in preparing recipes. After all, the different levels interfere in the texture of a pasta or a vitamin, for example .

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If you want to avoid breaking the fibers of the food, the ideal is to use the lower speeds. To make a mass, soup, cream or smoothie smoother, high speeds are the most suitable. Arno blenders have 2, 5 or 15 speeds .

An additional function, which is beside the speeds, is to pulsate . It is indicated to break larger foods, facilitating the crushing process, and is also important for those who want to break ice cubes. On Arno models, this function is identified as Pulsar/Ice Crush.

Choose Arno Blenders with 6 Blades for Greater Efficiency

Another point that directly affects the efficiency of a blender is its number of blades. The Arno blender models have 4 or 6 blades , and the 6 blade versions are seen in equipment with higher power. 

This is because their quantity will directly influence the crushing of food . Thus, it is essential to choose the model according to domestic use. If you are looking for greater efficiency, prefer a model with 6 blades. 

Note Blade Type on Arno Blender Model

The blades of a blender can be smooth or serrated. This feature also interferes with the result of crushing food. On Arno models, you can find 3 types of blades: Zelkrom, Powelix and Powelix Pro.

Zelkrom blades are stainless steel, with high durability and serve to liquefy, mix and grind various ingredients. They are sharp but not serrated. The Powelix, on the other hand, grind everything without leaving any pieces, have high cutting power and make a perfect mixture. Also, they don’t rust.

Powelix Pro blades are the most powerful, durable and precise blades seen in the Arno Power Max 1400 W blender model. Both Powelix and Powelix Pro feature a mix of smooth and serrated blades. To get your choice right, check this point. 

Choose 3.1 L Cups to Prepare Larger Amount of Food

One of the aspects that also interferes in choosing the best Arno blender model is the capacity of the cup for each equipment. They come in 2 sizes: they can be 2.5 or 3.1 L . However, it is essential to be aware of the total volume and the usable volume. 

This is because, when adding any amount of ingredients in the blender cup, it is necessary to leave a space so that the volume does not overflow during operation. Therefore, the 3.1 L cup must be filled up to the 1.5 L mark .

Already the blender cup model with 2.5 liter capacity must be up to 1.25L . Therefore, it is essential to analyze this point to choose the ideal Arno blender, which will be able to adequately supply your daily use.

Glass Cups Are More Durable and SAN More Resistant

Arno offers blenders with 2 types of cup: glass blender cup and SAN (Styrene Acrylonitrile), material similar to acrylic. The Arno glass beaker blender is usually quite durable, not to mention that the glass does not absorb odors or colors and does not suffer from scratches .

However, the glass cup is more fragile, so that its constant use requires extra care. Already SAN cup is free of Bisphenol A (BPA) , and is more impact resistant. It has advantages over acrylic, for example, but it can also scratch with time of use.

In any case, it is possible to purchase the Arno blender glass whenever you need to change the current one, whether due to a breakage or when it loses transparency in everyday use. So consider the blender cup material that makes the most sense for your home. 

Removable Blades Facilitate Day-to-Day Cleaning

Anyone who has ever washed a fixed blade blender knows how difficult it is to access this part of the equipment, in order to eliminate the accumulated dirt there. For this reason, having a blender model that offers removable blades can make all the difference.

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The Arno blender models have this feature, which optimizes cleaning and allows you to efficiently remove all the contents. To do so, just unclip the blade from the blender cup, wash it and refit it , leaving everything ready for a new use. 

For More Complete Sanitation, Choose Blenders With Self-Cleaning Function

Thinking of offering even more ease in caring for the equipment, another interesting feature of the Arno blenders is the self-cleaning feature. With it, just add water and detergent into the blender cup and press the button . In this way, cleaning is carried out on the equipment. 

The self-cleaning feature is especially suitable for a more efficient cleaning of the blades , also helping to remove residues inside the blender cup, regardless of the material from which it is made. Therefore, check if the chosen model offers this function. 

Select a Color that Matches Your Other Home Equipment

Before, the blender models were available, for the most part, only in white. However, currently this is no longer the reality: to meet the most demanding consumers, Arno offers increasingly charming options .

There are different color models: red, black, wine or even white blender . Thus, if one of your purchase criteria is the color of the equipment, there are plenty of good alternatives to make your kitchen prettier!

Check Arno Blender Voltage According to Your Region

One last thing you should be aware of before making a purchase is the voltage of the Arno blender. In general, models sold over the internet are available in 110 and 220 V versions , with no options for the brand’s bivolt blenders.

So, be aware of this detail to avoid the inconvenience of having to change your blender or even run the risk of carelessly damaging it. In most cases, just select the appropriate voltage on the e-commerce purchase page when placing your order.


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