Tips to wash you cycle water bottel – Clean Water bottel


Tips to wash you cycle water bottel – Clean Water bottel

They don’t just guarantee the water supply. The bottle of water (perch in cycling jargon and squeeze for most people) also allows you to take hydration drinks that replenish carbohydrates and minerals that can save your workout. But the remnants can turn the water bottle into incubators for bacteria and fungi that can cause stomach pain, nausea and diarrhea.

Not to mention the horrible taste they leave in the drink. So, see how to wash the bottle of water correctly and be sure!

Check out the tips below to keep your bottles fresh, clean and in good condition for years of use.

Tip 1 to wash you cycle water bottel

How to Clean a Water Bottle

Just as you would a regular cup, you should wash it after each use. Even if you only drink water, you’re still leaving sweat and possibly traces of what you’ve eaten in the lid, as well as dust, debris, and dirt on the outside. At the very least, rinse the used bottle.

Also, it is important to know when to dispose of your water bottle. Even if you clean often enough, sometimes one oversight is enough to cause mold to grow inside. Visually inspect the inside of the bottle, and if you can’t easily remove mold with warm soapy water and a brush, it’s time to dispose of the bottle sustainably – send it to recycling!

Tip 2 to wash you cycle water bottel

Hand wash the water bottle

Manually rinsing the bottles with warm soapy water is the best way to clean them after your walks. Any general, all-purpose liquid soap will do the job.

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Tip 3 to wash you cycle water bottel

Avoid the dishwasher

Sure, it’s easier to toss your bottles into the dishwasher, but the water temperature in most dishwashers is close to boiling. This heat can deform many types of plastic products and cookware, and can degrade your bottles more quickly over time.

Tip 4 to wash you cycle water bottel

Use a brush 

A simple, long-handled bottle brush, available at most department stores or supermarkets, will help you clean the inside of bottles with large or narrow openings. Scrubbing with a clean brush will make sticky residues easier and removes mold better than rinsing alone. But choose a soft brush so as not to damage the inner lining.

Tip 5 to wash you cycle water bottel

Don’t do aggressive cleaning

If the arbor is so grimy that you have to resort to harsh cleaning products like bleach, it’s probably time to throw the bottle in the trash. This type of product is extremely strong and any residue that remains can contaminate the water the next time the bottle is used.

Avoid sharing your bottle with others (the pandemic isn’t over yet!), but if necessary, soap and water are enough to kill the germs.

Tip 6 to wash you cycle water bottel

Clean the covers too

When you have a drink, the liquid goes through the cap of the bottle, so remember to take care of the cap as well. Run some soapy water through each bottle cap. Some bottle designs these days have caps that can be disassembled for easy cleaning of all corners and crevices, like CamelBak’s Podium Chill bicycle bottle .

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Tip 7 to wash you cycle water bottel

Let your water bottle dry well

Once your bottle is clean and thoroughly rinsed, it’s important to let it dry completely before putting it away, especially if you store it with the cap on.


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