Top Products That are a Waste of Money or Everyone


List of Top Products That are a Waste of Money for Everyone

Most of the things on today’s list are stuff that might cut you right to the core and I’m not talking about buying a used car instead of a brand new car instead these are common things that affect our day-to-day expenses and in the long term our monthly budgets on the bright side 

There are solutions to cutting down or even eliminating these completely to your surprise you may be wasting money in extremely common but often overlooked ways and if not careful these little things could add up quickly so here are 12 things people waste money on.

12 things people waste money on

1. Products That are a Waste of Money

Single-use kitchen appliances 

Most of us are guilty of this and if you take the time to look around your kitchen you’ll find plenty of cabinet-hogging single-use appliances home goods stores don’t make things easier.

Because they tend to tempt people with their catalog of single-use kitchen appliances most of the selling point for such products is their ability to provide convenience and save on time.

For example, a potato peeler comes in handy while peeling potatoes but you can do better than that the best thing is to look towards investing in multi-purpose appliances however sometimes single-use equipment makes sense.

For example, a stand mixer could be a good investment if you bake often you can give it more uses with additional add-ons but don’t spend a ton of money on a different appliance your stand mixer can handle 

2. Products That are a Waste of Money

Pricey personal care products 

It’s really easy to justify spending way too much money on personal care products but do you really need three different types of lotion 10 hair products and a drawer filled with grooming ointments.

You hardly use as much as you may think of yourself as savvier consumer chances are you’re still spending way too much money on chemical-filled junk toxic stuff to slather on our faces and bodies in the hopes that it will fix fine lines from our skin or brighten our complexions.

The idea that something foreign to your body could do this is alarming I mean don’t you ever wonder what long-term effects they leave behind if you take the time to carefully examine the ingredients in these products you’ll end up recognizing maybe four or five of them without using a search engine try keeping things simple and opt for products with fewer ingredients that you can actually pronounce.

Find products you like that suit your routine and stick with a handful of the affordable options every time you get the urge to add more products to your routine question how significant the change would be if you did so or if you’re just changing for the sake of change

3. Products That are a Waste of Money

Unnecessary cable internet and phone service 

Most people find themselves wasting time studying their cable internet and phone bills all the time it’s amazing how much you get charged for stuff who even uses cable anymore when there’s plenty of free HD tv in reality cable can be quite expensive.

You’re not only charged for the entertainment but the equipment to the digital video recorder service the remote control and you pay more to get high definition super savvy millennials and tech whizzes might be the only ones who seem ready to cut the court on cable without sacrificing some of their favorite shows.

But thanks to streaming services people get to enjoy cheaper options at great quality same applies to internet services sometimes you end up purchasing more than you need unless you work from home or use the internet frequently it makes no sense to purchase the most expensive bundle from your provider.

Phone services are often also overlooked because as long as we can make the calls and surf the internet everything else is history you may come to find that you do not fully utilize your full monthly subscription and end up losing some money in the end 

4. Products That are a Waste of Money

Expensive coffee

I know of someone who complains about never having money yet go to Starbucks every single day and buy a latte most of these coffee shops are great for their ambiance and offer a relaxing atmosphere.

But aesthetics don’t come cheap if you have a bad habit of grabbing a coffee daily from such establishments you’re wasting hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year if you love coffee that much maybe you should invest in a decent coffee maker and make the coffee yourself to save big bucks over time.

A lot of coffee machines now have the ability to pre-set your brew which means you can program it the night before to start brewing your coffee before you even wake up so you can’t claim it’s too much work anymore.

5. Products That are a Waste of Money

Household repairs and odd jobs 

Becoming a fix-it Phil or bob the builder is the last thing you’d admire but in the end, we tend to have extra help that we may not even need the idea here is to do as much as you can around the house to save money on call-out fees and charges before you embark on opening up your electrical appliances to fix them.

Because you’re cutting down on repair costs what I mean is that you can cater to stuff you can actually handle always google any issue first and see if you can do it yourself if you do have to use a professional see if you can save money by sourcing the materials yourself sites like youtube offer great resources that have visual step-by-step guides that could help you also cleaning tasks around your home can be handled if you create a plan for it instead of hiring cleaning help however if you have a busy schedule do get that extra help to avoid living in filth.

6. Products That are a Waste of Money

In-game purchases 

Okay at some point we’ve faced this dilemma especially with addictive games such as candy crush I know how hard this habit is to break if your devices are spammed with such games and they seem to be the only reasonable pastime. 

However, those one or five dollar purchases here and there will add up and you’ll suddenly be looking at your bank statement with a whole lot of shame and regret try opting in for the free versions and enjoy it for a period of time without having the urge to upgrade for playtime hours to avoid falling into this trap remove your credit card info from any sites or apps where you play games.

If you’re committed to the game and really eager to move to the next levels without spending a dime consider googling online for some tips you just might be lucky 

7. Products That are a Waste of Money

Pre-sliced or individually packed 

Anything your pre-cut meat and cheese sounds like a great deal because they require less effort when it comes to preparation but it’s likely they’re costing you way more than if you just bought these foods whole and cut them yourself.

Grocery stores are culprits for packing already prepared foods for you and there’s always a catch they know that a lazy person would go for that option without considering the extra money paid for it if you were to do a price comparison of individually packaged food, in general, is usually more expensive than making something similar yourself.

For example, You could try making a homemade snack bar using bulk ingredients you’ll come to find that you’ll spend the same amount but end up having more to go around the takeaway try to cook yourself or make things from scratch you can save money this way 

8. Products That are a Waste of Money

Bottled water 

No matter how justifiable you may try to make this sound bottled water can be expensive in the long run not only that it’s also very harmful to the environment because most companies use plastic bottles if you care for the environment or at least your finances consider purchasing a filtering system to always enjoy filtered water.

You can also invest in one or two reusable water bottles the best tip is to always ensure you’ve carried enough water on your way out and only resort to plastic bottled water if no other solution is available 

9. Products That are a Waste of Money

Buying brand name products 

There’s loyalty to a particular brand because of the value or quality and then there’s following the wave it’s understandable if you grew up using particular brands around the house but there are plenty of other options available that offer similar quality at almost half the price store and generic brands have to be one of the most underused ways to save money across a range of products from food to skincare to over-the-counter medicine chances are your local grocery or drugstore has a store brand for them or sells a generic version.

If you don’t believe me go the extra mile to check the labels you’ll see that the ingredients are pretty much the same and there is no reason to keep on spending money on big brand names.

Also when it comes to prescriptions using the generic version of your medicine may be scary at first but like I said the components are usually the same the only difference is the brand name they tend to work the same and can save you tons of cash if you have a high co-pay 

10. Products That are a Waste of Money

Extended warranties 

Did you know that electronics retailers and other stores make a fortune on extended warranty contracts how is it okay to spend $39.95 to add one year onto a warranty for something that costs $150?

For the most part, there’s no need to pay extra for an extended warranty but there are some services that probably make sense like apple care for a phone while none of us wants to spend 150 dollars to replace or repair something that breaks we could if we had to or we could go without keep receipts so you can access your regular return policy and warranty for any large items look to ensure only those things that are vital eg home life health auto and anything important and that you cannot afford to replace plus many credit cards offer extended warranties for free just say no to extended warranties 

11. Products That are a Waste of Money

Bank fees 

Banks are gentle robbers they do it in plain sight and you just don’t see it similar to atm surcharges bank fees are literally costs incurred to access your own money by banks that are already making interest on your money.

It’s honestly absurd some of the most common bank fees include overdraft charges account service charges credit card annual fees and more the best way to beat around these charges is to shop around for cheaper bank credit unions and online banks are often the best option to save on regular checking account fees.

12. Products That are a Waste of Money

Buying a snack at the gas station 

Every now and then the quotation marks are there because every now and then usually means you just don’t keep track of all the little snack purchases you make on the go all those cans of soda and cookies you pick up when you’re filling up the tank or making a stop at the drugstore add up.

The best way to save yourself some money is by making a rule for tracking the snack purchases and allocating a small monthly allowance for them if you feel like the habit is getting out of hand consider carrying snacks and a drink on your way out from the house to avoid unplanned purchases.

So are you guilty of any of these let us know with a comment down below well folks thanks so much for reading if you enjoyed this article with that said have a good day?

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