What is Menstrual Cup | How To Use Menstrual Cup Easily

Do you know what the picture shown above is? Now some Einstein’s relative will definitely say this. What is oil reversing flask and what is. No baby, it’s not a flask! And don’t overturn the oil in it. Because the tip below it is completely sealed. So what is this?

It is called Menstrual Cup.

Menstrual means something related to the period. Don’t be shy And if any boys are reading this then don’t run away. Because if you take some knowledge of things related to health, then you will be benefitted. Women have not come from any other planet. You are your friends, friends, sisters, wife, mother, daughter.

Well then, this is the menstrual cup. There used to be an ad in our childhood that now forgets to put on clothes and move towards the pad. And today after 10-15 years I am telling you to leave the habit of pads and move towards cups.

What is Menstrual Cup?

A small cup made of silicone. Extremely soft and easy to use and easy to store. Mane will take some space. You can carry it comfortably in your purse as well. How is this different? You put the pads outside.

That is, in your underwear. But by pressing the cup, you can insert it in your private part. And it will go there and stay. As you can guess, this will keep your period collecting blood. And when it is full, you can empty it in the toilet.

You can reuse this cup by boiling it well in hot water. That is, this cup of 300 to 400 rupees will last as long as you drive. And will free you from the cost of pads every month.

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Now you will say that how much did Didi take to praise the companies with cups. So I would say that brother where is such luck that we get sponsors. We are making videos in brotherhood. And you will have little faith in my words. So we talked to a doctor. Which will first explain to you how to put the cup.

Types of menstrual cups

“There are two types of menstrual cups. One comes Vaginal Cup, which remains in the vagina. And one comes in the cervical cup, which is fixed on the cervix. Cups come in different sizes. U shaped or C shaped.

It is very easy to insert, meaning you press the cup slightly in the middle with your finger and fold the cup around your finger. When viewed from above, it will form a C or U shape. Now that it is compressed, it will be easily inserted into the vagina.

Just one thing to keep in mind. If the vaginal canal is not straight, then do not insert it straight, but insert it while pushing at an angle. And if you want to do more easy, then see the direction with the help of a finger. If there is any irritation then lubricant can be used. Once it sits in the right place, remove the finger. The mouth of the cup will open.”

So these are some easy steps through which you can easily insert the menstrual cup into the private part, but it is also very important to know how to remove the menstrual cup after use. The doctor will explain the easy way to you too.

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“Now the tip of this is called the stem. It depends on different people. Some people’s cervix is ​​low, in their case, it comes out easily. People whose cervix is ​​above, have to be removed by inserting the finger. Just like it was inserted, you can remove it by pressing it with your finger. You can use lubricants if needed.

Myths related to the menstrual cup

Now let’s talk about some myths related to the menstrual cup. In our society, wrong assumptions are made about anything related to women without knowing it. It is said that there are many side effects of the menstrual cup, infection occurs in the private part and itching always occurs. All these things are myths. Why am I speaking like this? Listen, the doctor will explain you better.

Benefits of Menstrual cup

“There are many benefits to this cup. These things are absolutely wrong that this cup has side effects. It has no side effects. Sometimes there is a chance of getting an infection, but that is not because of the cup. It is possible that our hands are dirty and due to that infection may occur. Therefore, before applying the cup, wash your hands with lukewarm water.

You can keep these cups for 4 to 6 hours if the periods are heavy. Maximum it can be applied for 12 hours.

The period is not taboo. There’s no need to be shy about it. It is related to giving birth. And menstrual cups are an eco-friendly way of managing periods.

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Soft, Easy to Use and Easy to Store

The doctor has explained all the ABCD of the menstrual cups to you, now know the experience of some women who are using a menstrual cups. First of all, know the experience of our former colleague Swati Mishra-

I have used sanitary napkins for a long time. Sanitary napkins also came to be a much safer solution than cloth, but when you compare sanitary pads with a menstrual cup, you will notice a lot of differences between the two.

The menstrual cup is very easy to use. Girls have a lot of doubts. First of all, what is the size of the circle? How to choose between Small, Medium, Large? Then comes the question that does inserting the cup cause any harm to the vagina? All these worries, there is no need to think much on this. It is written on the cup that what age group are you in, whether you are pregnant or not, whether you are married or not. All these things are clearly written on the pack.

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